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LLC  "TransEnergoServis" is a vocational company providing products and service for an electrification and an automation of railways.


We supply equipment and materials for:


  • Alarm systems. Centralization. Blocking
  • The construction of the traction substations
  • The railway contact system
  1. Foundations forstructures of a contact system
  2. Metallic and ferroconcrete structures
  3. Girth rails of a rigid cross-arm
  4. Anchoring stays for metallic and ferroconcrete structures
  5. Strings and spring ropes
  6. Electric connector with mouldable clamps
  7. Adhesion, guy and supporting accessories
  8. Block and polyspast compensators
  9. Consoles (channel-shaped, cannular, isolated, non-isolated, portal structured), immediate and converse  distance pieces.
  10. The reinforcement of metallic and ferroconcrete structures of contact system (collar plates, brackets, centers of clamping)
  11. Constructions for installation of disconnectors, surge suppressors.
  12. Assemblages of grounding of a contact system
  13. Polymeric and porcelain insulators (console, holder, suspension, guy)
  14. Trolleys, bearing cables.

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